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Knockout Fitness is a new fitness studio located in the heart of Federal Hill. We specialize in personal training, group fitness classes, and boot camp. The boot camp received such great buzz that our trainers were honored by being asked to host the boot camp classes for the Baltimore Harbors Waterfront Partnership. Our boot camp is open to all experience and fitness levels, including brand new beginners all the way to advanced athletes. Every session is different and is designed to push your body to the full potential.
Workouts Include:
    • Calisthenics
    • Running the Hill and the stairs
    • Circuit Training
    • Agility and running drills in the sand pit
    • Resistance band training
    • Core work
    • Speed Ladders
    • Jump rope
    • Boxing
Benefits Include:
    • Lose weight
    • Gain muscle
    • Reduce body fat percentage
    • Increase endurance
    • Build stamina
    • Gain confidence
    • Reduce stress

Receive One Free Class and 15% Off Boot Camp
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What are they saying about Baltimore Boot Camp?


“I have nothing but good things to say about Jason Nissley and Knockout Fitness. When I started boot camp with Knockout Fitness, I had no real workout experience and lived a very sedentary life while I wasn’t working. I was never an athlete, not even close. I couldn’t even do a single push up.The combination of HIIT, plyometric, running and boxing always kept things fresh and never left me bored during our classes. If I couldn’t do a specific exercise he would come up with a springboard exercise to help me overcome. If he saw I was strong at another, he would throw something harder at me. That type of custom workout and undying attention is priceless. Over the 14 weeks I spent in Boot Camp, I was constantly challenged to be better at whatever we were doing. He always pushed me that extra inch, that extra rep or just one more punch. The results have paid off immensely. After 3 rounds of boot camp (6 weeks each), I have lost 48 lbs and 10% body fat. I ran my first 5K and can do pushups and so much more. I would recommend Jason Nissley to anyone looking to change their life regardless of their background or starting point.”
-George Martsoukis
“I am so glad that I chose to participate in Knockout Fitness’ first boot camp program. The workouts were fun, challenging, and different each day and working out in beautiful Federal Hill Park was an added bonus. Getting my workout in at 6 am influenced me to make healthy decisions all day long. I have to give so much credit to Knockout Fitness for my 9 lb weight loss. The workouts pushed me much harder than I ever would have done on my own. I can’t wait to start the next boot camp session and see more results, and get even closer to reaching my fitness goals.”
-Mary Lewis


P.S. We are extremely confident that you will lose weight, get in shape, and reach your fitness goals with Baltimore Boot Camp. That is why we offer our money back guarantee and 15% off of your first Boot Camp session. Don’t miss this important opportunity!

Receive One Free Class and 15% Off Boot Camp
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“If you are looking for a full body workout that includes not only a view of inside a gym, but also the beautiful parks of Federal Hill, then you should try out Knockout Fitness’ Boot Camp! The variety of each class from circuit training, sand pits, running, boxing, and stair/hills, will really challenge your everyday workout routine. In the three 6-week sessions that were held last summer, there was never the same workout twice! They push you to try your best and are awesome motivators! No matter what your fitness level is, you will be challenged and work hard! I definitely would recommend their boot camp for all fitness levels looking for a fun workout to get in great shape for the summer!”
-Laura Discala
“I was very nervous to start my first ever boot camp at Knockout Fitness, it had been a long time since I had worked out and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone made me feel very comfortable and I was challenged at every turn. I dropped weight and body fat percentage but most of all I gained self confidence that wasn’t there before. Also I am living a much healthier lifestyle that includes dieting and working out regularly, I owe a lot to Knockout Fitness for delivering such an amazing boot camp!”
-Cindy Butler

Receive One Free Class and 15% Off Boot Camp
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